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Energy Efficient Thawing and Tempering with RF Technology

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Conventional methods for thawing & tempering of foodstuffs, which rely on convection and conduction to transfer heat from warm air (either forced or static), are inherently energy inefficient. With RF technology heat is only generated within the product (not the surrounding air) making RF thawing an extremely energy efficient choice.

The technical explanation for this is that heat is generated by the RF field causing the polar molecules (mainly water) within the foodstuff to align in one direction and then flip (rotate) whenever the polarity of the RF field changes (which it does millions of times a second). As the polar molecules rotate they pull, push and collide with other molecules and ions to generate heat. A side benefit of this technology is that as air, and most packaging materials, contain zero or very few polar molecules they don't interact with the RF field and therefore energy is not wasted in heating up fresh air or packaging!

What's more with RF defrosting defrosting times are in minutes rather than hours with minimal drip loss, enabling just in time processing of meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables and dairy. Want to know more, check out our range of thawing solutions.

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