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The Peruza fish defroster is designed for industrial defrosting of frozen fish blocks or IQF fish products in water. The advantages of water thawing are that it minimises weight loss during the defrosting operation compared to traditional methods. Water defrosting is used when a high capacity defrosting process is needed in factories / fish processors with the fish loaded into the machine with or without boxes or crates.


Once the blocks are defrosted the separated fish fall onto the conveyor belt which transports them out of the defroster to the next processing stage. Controlled defrosting is achieved with water temperature and water level regulated automatically with the help of PLC.

Utilities required are electricity, water, hot steam and drainage.

Peruza Water Defrosting of Fish

  • • Easy fish loading – it is possible to load fish with crates and remove creates afterwards
    • Easy cleaning – due to hydraulic lift
    • Ergonomic operation.

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