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Technical Information


  • Products: Boiled or raw vegetable or root crop cubes, boiled pasta and rice, raw or baked meat cubes, potato slices and strips.
  • Dosing range: 3 x 50-500 g depending on product
  • Dosing accuracy: ± 10 g ≡ 150 g package, ± 5 g ≡ 150 g package
  • Speed: 30-90 portions/minute, 1-3 headed dosing
  • Actuator: Electric servo motor
  • Control system: Kometos, with Siemens plc colour display. Dosage size is set from the control panel. Multiple dosing possible.
  • Applications: Enables to pre-programme 99 different product recipes.
  • Product container volume: 50-200 L
  • Accessories: Bin cart lift for 200 L bin cart

Volume-Based Solid Component Dispenser, 3-Headed (SPIRAN)

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