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Technical Information

  • Products: Liquid products like soups, sauces, mayonnaise based salads, jams, honey, water, oil, etc. Products can contain solid particles 0.3 mm (product/model-specific feature).
  • Dosing range: According to cylinder diameter and piston stroke from 20-400 cc per dosing cylinder.
  • Dosing accuracy: > 99 from target weight %. Depending on product characteristics. Viscosity 500-4000 (cP).
  • Speed: Up to 60 cycles per minute depending on product and volume.
  • Actuator: Electric servo motor
  • Control system: Siemens plc with color display. 99 different recipes can be pre-programmed. Multiple dosing possible. Counter for portions.
  • Applications: Tray filling lines, bottle and jar filling lines and dosing of individual products.
  • Product container volume: 30-200 L, level monitoring sensor.
  • Accessories: Stirring tool, paint-function for dosing, heating for product container, product transfer pump, larger dosage size.

Volume-Based Liquid Dispenser, 2-Headed (NESTAN)

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