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A floor standing (on castors), single chamber vacuum packaging machine, for high quality vacuum and MAP packaging for food and non-food processors.  Suitable for packaging long pieces of fish or meat, such as whole fish fillets, smoked salmon, sausage, and others. Seal bars can be configured to suit different size products. Suitable for packaging products up to 920mm .


  • Standard with 2 seal bars (left-right): 2 x 320 mm
  • Standard double seal (two wires). Optional without extra costs: Cut-off/Wide seal
  • Seal bars easily removable for cleaning and maintenance purposes
  • Pump capacity: 63 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec

Cretel VA 320 Vacuum Packer

    • 2 seal bars (left (280 mm), front (940 mm)                            
    • Sensor control                                                                           
    • Advanced Control System (ACS)                                           
    • Liquid control
    • Gas flush
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