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A high quality,  double chamber vacuum packing machine with an optional automatic lid. Perfect for the industrial vacuum and MAP packing of both food and non-food products. Suitable for packaging multiple bags or single bags upto 1080mm. 


  • Silicone holders easily removable for cleaning and maintenance purposes
  • Pump maintenance and cleaning program
  • Soft Air to protect the product and vacuum bag
  • Standard Digital control with 10 program memory and Time control
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec

Cretel VA 1100 Vacuum Packer

    • 1-2 Cut-off/Bi active seal                                                           
    • Liquid control                                                                               
    • Sensor control Member filler plates
    • Advanced Control System (ACS)                                              
    • Automatic member
    • 3 seal bars (front, center, back): 3 x 1100 mm
    • Gas flush (incl. pressed air connection)
    • Preparation for external pump
    • Heating element for vacuum valve
    • Easy Swing
    • Extra seal capacity
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