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GMMI Specialized in transfer through pipes for 25 years in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries.


GIBAIR remove handling on the ground and eliminates any risk of cross-contamination. Being very powerful, its “sonic effect” based technology considerably minimizes the consumption of compressed air for the distance to be covered.

GMMI Transfer Through Pipes

  • Continuous production

    • Completely automated
    • Simultaneous transfer from a number of gibair on the same line

    Sonic effect

    • 7 times more powerful than suction vacuum technology
    • Unlimited transfer distance thanks to its “Sonic Effect”
    • Enables horizontal as well as vertical transfer
    • Versatile, it enables automated handling many times of products

    Hygiene, safety, reliability

    • Avoids manual transportation of delicate materials in high-risk production rooms
    • Fully washable system in automatic mode
    • Very robust, no particular maintenance
    • Meat
    • MSM
    • whole chickens
    • turkeys ,legs, heads, necks, wings, rumps, backs, bones giblets, paunches, liquids
    • fish, fish heads, meat and bone meals
    • pellets
    • cereals
    • powdered milk
    • plastic
    • packages
    • paper, ingredients
    • scraps from prepared dishes, etc…
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