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Our traysealer machines mod. TDF1650, TDF1900, TDF2200 are designed for medium to high productions. Available with vacuum, protective atmosphere and/or skin function, these can be used with any kind of preformed tray. Thanks to their several Brushless motors, production cycles are optimized according the product specific features. Efficient collection of the trays is enabled with efficient pushers, with horizontal movement dedicated for each tray.

Colimatic TDF 1650 – TDF 1900 – TDF 2200

    • Machine frame completely realized in stainless steel AISI 304L, laser-cut metal sheets, holding elements and frames are electrically welded
    • Each machine movement controlled by a dedicated Brushless servomotor, to , to allow, through electronic cams, interconnection between the different moving elements
    • Energy recovery system, from machines motors during breaking. (KERS – Kinetic Energy Recovery System)
    • Compatible with plastic, aluminum or polythene cardboard trays, with plastic top film made of aluminum or by polythene cardboard
    • Functioning on single or double lanes, with several different die configurations
    • HMI with new graphical interface, to allow an easier access to all machine functions
    • Easy parameter and recipe settings and system check
    • Possibility of MAP and skin process packaging
    • Conveyor Belts are servo-motor assisted, to allow correct trays positioning and distancing, according to the pushers collection phase
    • Pushers group, moved by nr. 2 Servomotors and electronic cams, to allow synchronization with moulds and trays discharge
    • Top film unwind is Servomotor assisted, to guarantee its right positioning. Ramps for speed increase and decrease, are provided for thin films
    • Rapid format change, thanks to the easy dismantling of the pushers and the moulds, and to the use of heated trolleys
    • High Hygiene, with the realization of inclined surfaces and easy-removal belts system
    • Additional devices: Automatic loading system (automatic feeding, dosing systems and de-nesters), end-line devices (labelers, check-weighers, cartoning machines and exit pack conveyers) and printers
    • Touch screen HMI, which allows an easier access to all machine functions, user friendly parameters setting and machine checking
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