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Brand new and revolutionary fully automatic Traysealer mod. TDF1650 & TDF1900: for the packaging of plastic, cartoboard & aluminium preformed trays, with on-reel plastic films lids, carton lids & reclosing-cap application option. Machine frame completely realized in stainless steel: metal sheets obtained by laser cutting, electrically welded holding elements.

Colimatic TDF 1650-1900

    • User freindly, which allows an easier access to all machine functions, by simplifying the settings, the machine activation and system check
    • Brushless motors, aII machine motion controlled by Brushless motors. These, through an electronic cams connection of the moving components, allow more flexibility in terms of films used and speed control, according to the products to be packed.

    • Sealing station, Servomotor controlled Lifting mechanism of the sealing station, this is managed by the same cam used for the pushers. Sealing strength to be set on the HMI.


      Hygienical features, Sloping machine surfaces, TIG continuous welding and motors strategically protected and positioned, Will grant the highest possible hygiene levels!

    • Scraps rewinder Rewinder with pneumatic expansion and increased stroke, to allow the scraps rewinding on both carton or directly on the roll. The group is controlled by clutch with adjustable strength to adapt it to every kind of film. The motor is positioned inside the electrical cabinet.

    • Pusher group, moved by nr. 2 Servomotors controlled by electronic cam for trays taking, their positioning under the sealing mould and discharge of sealed trays. Their motor is positioned inside the machine cabinet.


      Inlet belt, servomotor controlled positioning system, for trays correct positioning at machine entrance. Made of Stainless steel, it is equipped with fast removal unlock system, to ease cleaning operations: no tools needed for belt handling.

    • Extreme energy saving, The configuration with shared DC Bus allows the energy exchange between the axis, reducing the energy wasting caused by the dynamic braking resistances. This will sensibly reduce (down to 40%!) the amount of energy required. (KERS - Kinetic Energy Recovery System).

  • TDF 1650 206 x 320 151 x 320 118 x 320 95 x 320 80 x 320 68 x 320
    TDF 1650-D 206 x150 150 x 151 118 x 150 95 x 148 80 x 80 68 x 68
    TDF 1900 290 x 320 214 x 320 168 x 320 137,7 x 320  115 x 320 99 x 320
    TDF 1900-D 290 x 150 214 x 150 168 x 150 137.7 x 148 115 x 115 99 x99






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