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The PSS SFV  range are universal industrial vacuum fillers for salami, sausages, minced meat/vegetables and vegetable protein into casings or extruded through the optional grinding head, with temperatures from -4°C to +50°C.  Filling capacities range up to 8 450 kg/h.

These device  are designed for 24 hour operation in medium and large food processing plants and can be used with all types of clipping machines with a maximum output of 2400kg/h with or without the optional grinding head.

The processed material is fed into the hopper with a positive spiral feeding device, where it is caught by two feeding worms that gently move it towards the filling nozzle. The PSS SFV range can also be used with the optional grinding head, which ensures quality grinding and filling into appropriate casings. The range is characterized by high performance and high dosing accuracy with minimal product residue in the hopper. PSS SFV fillers are as standard equipped with a vacuum system, which inhibits the creation of air bubbles in the final product. Perfect stability of the machine and easy cleaning of the underneath area is ensured by the large height adjustable feet. The machine includes standard worms with step t=39mm.

PSS SVF Speed Vacuum Filler

    • Grinder: Attachment with a standard set of cutting plates ø3,0; ø5 and ø10 mm, and as option the cutting plates from ø2,5 to ø16 mm for grinding of cooled meat pieces up to 3 kg
    • Worms: with step t=48mm, with step t=64mm
    • Lifting device for 200l trolleys
    • Filling nozzles ø29 flower, ø29 a ø38mm
    • Accessory trolley
    • Plastic tube form worms
    • Dosing device of continuous type for frankfurters
    • Dosing device of pulse type for frankfurters
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