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The PSS SMV range of industrial food mixers are designed for food factory operations for fast and quality mixing of any product type under vacuum conditions. They ensure soft and gentle mixing of products of any structure whilst avoiding the addition of air in the mixing process. The mixers achieve the best mixing times thanks to their modern design.

The product is mixed up by maximally overlapping paddles in an almost square, two-level hopper, with the rotating paddles moving the product in every direction so there is no squeezing or squashing of the product. The result is a final product with an excellent consistency. The PSS SMVs are characterized by fast emptying and minimal final product residue to reduce the risk of any cross contamination.

PSS SMV Speed Mixer Vacuum Range

    • Fast and quality mixing up of any product type
    • Soft and gentle mixing of products of any structure
    • Avoiding of air during mixing
    • Final product with excellent consistency
    • The fastest mixing times
    • Maximally overlapping paddles in almost square, two-level hopper
    • No product compression or squashing
    • Fast emptying and minimizing of product remnant
    • Setting of required programmes and procedure steps
    • The N2 or CO2 connections placed behind covers
    • Mirror-effect polished surfaces
    • Easy sanitation
    • Cooling system significantly extends the product lifetime and reduces the growth of bacteria
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