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PSS SMGAs are a modern combination of Speed Mixers and Speed Grinders. In the mixing section they ensure a gentle and quality mixing and in the grinding section an excellent product quality ranging from coarse to very fine grinding

PSS SMGA Speed Mixer Grinder Angle Range

    • Fast grinding and mixing of pre-cut meat
    • Modern combination of Speed Mixers and Speed Grinders
    • Gentle and quality mixing in mixing section
    • Excellent product quality with coarse as well as very fine grinding in grinding section
    • Multifunction devices with compact, space-saving design
    • Maximally overlapping paddles in almost square, two-level hopper
    • Speed regulations, in both mixing and grinding sections, enable excellent structure
    • Rotary and movable crane
    • Accessory trolley
    • Safety cover of grinding head
    • Cover of mixing section emptying outlet
    • Polished surfaces
    • Uncomplicated and fast sanitation
    • N2 or CO2 connections placed behind covers
    • Cooling system significantly extends the product lifetime and reduces bacteria growth
    • PSS BES bone elimination system
    • Paddles gently move product to every direction
    • Fast emptying and minimizing of product remnant