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PSS SM Speed Mixers are designed for food factory operations for the fast mixing of any kind of products. The PSS mixers ensure even and gentle mixing regardless of product structure. The mixer achieves the best mixing times thanks to its modern design in commercial applications. 

The product is mixed up by maximally overlapping paddles in an almost square, two-level hopper, with the rotating paddles moving the product in every direction so there is no squeezing or squashing of the product. The result is a final product with an excellent consistency. The PSS SMVs are characterized by fast emptying and minimal final product residue to reduce the risk of any cross contamination.

PSS SM Speed Mixer Range

    • Mixing of any kind of product
    • Even distribution and high quality mixing regardless of product structure
    • The fastest mixing times
    • Maximally overlapping paddles in almost square configuration
    • Two level hopper
    • The paddles gently move a product to every direction
    • No compression or squashing of product
    • Fast emptying and minimizing of product remnant
    • Save and recall of programmes and procedure steps
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