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The PSS RM/RMM range are entry level industrial food grinders designed to grind both fresh and frozen food products including meat , poultry, fish and fish waste, as well as vegetarian products such as nuts and seeds.  Manufactured in the EU with a modern design and the highest quality components these grinders offer reliable operation and a low cost of ownership.  Ideal for small food processors, pet food manufacturers, ingredient manufacturers, test kitchens and butchers. Capacities range from 1800 kg/hour to 4000 kg/hr with the choice of fine or coarse grinding capacity for all types of foodstuffs including hamburgers, pate, continental sausages, mince, pet foods, nut butters, processed cheese and many other products.

PSS RM/RMM Entry Level Food Grinders

    • Fast and gentle grinding of food meat and any fist-sized frozen meat with
      temperature to -10°C
    • Easy to use with simple controls
    • Final product quality guaranteed
    • Low cost of ownership
    • High reliability/quality with EU manufacture. modern design and highest quality components
    • Highest safety with safety covers over the grinding head and all electronic and mechanical parts
    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • PSS P lifting device to simplify and speed up the production process
    • Performance, speed, reliability, efficiency of use and quality of processing
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