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PSS food tumblers are ideal for fast and high quality commercial massaging, mixing, brining and marinating of meat, poultry and fish in a vacuum.  With capacities from 300 to 4,500 litres they are suited for small, medium and large food factories and processors. The addition of the vacuum ensures thorough mixing of raw materials resulting in the release of natural adhesives and the subsequent improvement of bond in the product for optimum solidity when cutting the final product.

If a constant temperature is required during processing the VTC versions are supplied with a cooling system.

PSS MM/VT Vacuum Tumbler Range

    • Fast and high quality massage, mixing and salting of processed brining and marinating
    • Large drum diameter to ensure sufficient working space for product movement in the tumbler
    • Specially designed massaging blades  speed
    • Rapid and perfect discharge to ensure minimal product remnant in the machine – Easy and quick cleaning
    •  Superior hygienic design to ensure minimal bacteria growth
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