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The Dohmeyer CyroRoll is ideal for industrial IQF freezing of food products including meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, pasta and vegetables in food factories.  These rotary drum freezers consist of a sloping cylindrical drum, which rotates around its axis. Product and cooling medium are loaded continuously at the highest entrance point of the drum. By the rotating movement, both are intensively mixed while, at the same time, sliding to the lower exit of the drum. The stirring movement and the mixing prevent products from clumping together. Special paddles can be built in to ensure this happens.


Both liquid nitrogen (LIN) and liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) can be used as cooling liquid. Exhaust fans at inlet and outlet extract the residual gases.

Dohmeyer CryoRoll for IQF Food Freezing

  • Rotary drum freezers require continuous input of product. Dohmeyer can supply buffer hoppers and supply conveyors to convert discontinuous product flows into continuous input.

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