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In partnership with Kometos we provide industrial thawing systems for the efficient and controlled commercial defrosting of any deep-frozen food products.  These PLC controlled industrial thawing units are perfectly suited for defrosting & tempering of meat, fish, shellfish, poultry and vegetable products (in blocks, bags or boxes) on racks, in crates, or on pallets.   Supplied as either thawing chambers  installed inside the customers’ premises or as external containers, these PLC  controlled forced air thawing units have been designed and manufactured for efficient and controlled defrosting of any deep-frozen food products resulting in a high quality defrost with minimum product loss. With thawing capacities from 1 to 48  plus pallets these units are ideal for all sizes of food factories and processors. 


The FINNCOLD thawing systems use a PLC controlled thawing process, where temperature, air flow and humidity are controlled using temperature (product surface, – internal temperature – and room temperature) as well as humidity sensors.


In addition, the thawing system is also supplied with cooling equipment making it possible to use the chamber for storage (max.48 hours) when the product’s target temperature has been achieved.  Moreover, a scheduled thawing (max.48 hours) mode is available whereby the cabinet operates as cold storage (max  6hrs ) until the thawing process starts according to the set schedule.

Thawing/Tempering Units

  • 1. Wide range of applications

    • The Finncold thawing technology is perfectly suited for controlled defrosting of meat poultry, fish and vegetables

    2. High-quality thawing process

    • The PLC-controlled Finncold thawing technology utilises controlled heat, air flows, cryotechnology and humidity to produce high quality defrosts with minimum losses.

    3. Fast and controlled thawing process

    • The thawing programme (controlled by temperature sensors) ensures a fast and controlled thawing process controlled by temperature sensors.

    4. Hygienic thawing process

    • Only indoor air is used in the Finncold thawing process. Furthermore, thawing rooms and thawing containers are manufactured of moisture resistant and easily cleaned ST elements approved for foodstuffs, which allows guaranteed hygiene during the defrosting process.

    6. Storage mode

    • Following the completion of the thawing process the Finncold thawing system automatically switches into the storage mode, keeping food products at the desired temperature until ready to use. Moreover, a timed thawing programme can be used to activate the thawing process at a specified time.

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