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This machine’s compact & solid frame, allows its easy placement into reduced areas.
Our Thera 450 grants high Colimatic technology, at the service of medium production needs. This is the ideal packaging solution for companies requiring professional outputs in any kind of working environment.

Colimatic Thera 450 Thermoformer

    • Machine frame in stainless steel inoxAISI 304
    • Standard length L4000 mm
    • Standard components (FESTO, BUSCH, SIEMENS) for a better management of spare parts
    • Forming through vacuum process, with (pre)heating plates and plugs (where needed)
    • Possibility of forming pump positioning inside machine structure
    • Forming moulds studied according to product features and customer request (dedicated shape, logo, ribbed sides, easy opening)
    • Quick and easy die configuration change, where no tool is needed thanks to the assisted system for top chamber opening and the direct access to the moulds
    • Perimetral sealing plates for a perfect sealing of all packs in any kind of configuration
    • Dedicated cutting systems, realized according to the number of packs, their features, material thickness and in order to guarantee a long-lasting efficiency and efficacy of the blades
    • Loading area accessible from both sides, space available for up to 4 operators
    • Scraps removal through suction system with canister or through motorized rewinders
    • Eye-mark reading photocell for top pre-printed films, to allow perfect alignments
    • Option to run different repeat lengths, thanks to our special forming station
    • The same machine can be used to form rigid and/or flexible films. Only sealing, only Vacuum or MAP pack option is available
    • Machine interfacing with downstream devices (labeling machines, checkweighers, cartoning machines, aligning systems) and automatic systems for data printing
    • Our touch-Screen HMI control panel and our dedicated software, allow an easy managing of all the machine parameters
    • The machine can be used in Clean Rooms as well as aggressive environments
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