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PSS Giraffes (vertical screw conveyors) are ideal for transporting food stuffs in food processing factories where the product needs to be transported vertically e.g. to feed a device or production line.  PSS Giraffes are supplied with a system of two worms (screws). The material, prepared for processing, is fed into the PSS Giraffe hopper, from where it is moved quickly and gently by the horizontal worm to the vertical worm and then to the outlet. The height of the PSS Giraffe outlet can be adapted to the individual requirements and needs of customer.

PSS Giraffes (Vertical Worm Conveyors)

    • Contribute to production automation
    • Save time, energy and resources
    • Height of outlet can be adapted to individual needs and requirements of customer
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Security features to protect operators
    • Polished surfaces
    • Superior hygienic design
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