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By reducing the distance animals have to travel Kometos mobile abattoirs provide an animal welfare and environmentally friendly, cost effective solution for low volume animal slaughtering.  These units are supplied on semi-trailers and equipped with all the necessary equipment for slaughtering the animals and cooling down the carcasses.


Built using Kometos' Finmodule Technology, these turnkey units provide outstanding hygiene, efficiency and durability and can be tailor made to your requirements.   Standards that the modules comply to include:


  • EU standardsFood Act 23 / 2006 General regulation on the hygiene of foodstuffs
  • 852/200/ECSpecific hygiene rules for food of animal origin for food industry operators
  • 853 / 2004 / ECSpecific rules for the organization of official controls on products of animal origin
  • 854 / 2004 / ECProduct certificate Eurofins N:o EUFI29-20001928C


In addition, Kometos complies with the ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system.

Please contact us for more information.

Kometos Mobile Abattoirs

  • Generator 100 KVa
    Fresh Water Tank 2000 L
    Waste Water Tank 2500 L
    Processed per Day 8-10
    Cooling as 1/4 carcasses
    Processed per Day 35-40
    Cooling as Whole carcass
    Electricity 400v 50Hz 63A
    Water DN 32 3 bar, 2”
    Waste Water DN75


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