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Dohmeyer cryogenic screw conveyors  are ideal for factory cooling or freezing of  a wide variety of food, typically to prepare the texture and temperature of products before grinding ( e.g. cold brew coffee, herbs, …).   The conveyors can be used in conjunction with both continuous and batch production systems. The screw conveyors are not limited to moving products horizontally and upwards; while moving the product, screw conveyors can cool, mix and blend components.
As the product moves, it is gently sprayed and mixed with coolant.  Injecting liquid nitrogen droplets or CO2 dry ice into the screw conveyor ensures efficient and homogenous cooling or freezing.  Exhaust fans extract the waste gases.


Moving foodstuffs in this way saves time, reduces labour cost, eliminates handling and is more hygienic than conventional methods.

Dohmeyer Cryogenic Screw Conveyor Freezer

  • Dohmeyer’s cryogenic screw conveyors are tailor made.  The conveyor housing can be opened for easy access and cleaning of the auger.  Special paddles can be added to the housing to ensure a homogeneous mix of the product.

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