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Thanks to its modular concept with a minimal water, energy and chemical consumption, Cretel can offer a wide range of automated industrial crate washing solutions which can be used in various sectors.


The Tunnel Washers Modular Line are fully designed according the highest available standards.


The Tunnel Washers Modular Line are fully designed according the highest available standards.

  • Modular design for maximum flexibility
  • Capacities from a few hundred to several thousands boxes per hour
  • Easily removable spraying nozzles
  • Rotating washing arms resulting in higher washing power
  • Easy and low-cost maintenance
  • Fully separated washing and rinsing zones
  • Adjustable transport speed
  • Label removing (in option)


Modular tunnel washers are available with a capacity up to 3400 crates/hour.


An industrial tunnel washer consists mainly of 2 parts placed in line, a washing zone and a rinsing zone. Depending on the nominal capacity and the nature of the pollution of the articles to be cleaned the installation can be equipped with a pre-wash zone and/or multiple washing zones.


The washing zones consist of a water tank, a circulation pump and a collector with spray tubes equipped with flat spray nozzles. This way, the water in the tank is constantly being re-circulated through the filters of the washing zone.

The rinsing zone is equipped with spray tubes fed directly by warm or hot water network. The rinse water runs into the water tank of the washing zone which allows maximum recovery of water and energy.


The total water consumption of the washing machine depends on the application and the type of installation, ranging from an average of 0.5L to 1L per article.

The washing installation is completed with a transport system for transporting of articles to be cleaned through the installation. The transport system consists of necessary side guides, a hold down system and a transport chain or a conveyor belt. The transport speed is adjustable, which allows to shorten or to prolong the dwell time of articles in the tunnel of the machine.


Chemical cleaning and disinfection is possible with the help of automatic dosing systems in the washing zones. Disinfection is also possible by injecting chemicals into the rinse water in the rinsing zone.


The machine is built according to the CE standards and is equipped with all the necessary safety features.


Cretel Crate Washer – Modular Tunnel

    • All CRETEL washing machines have the following characteristics:
    • A completely hygienic and open construction, without hidden places in corners or double folds.
    • Sufficient distance and separation between washing zones.
    • Sufficient distance between the washing and rinsing zones to avoid the mixing of the dirty washing water with the clean rinse water. This is a necessity if the articles to be cleaned must be disinfected and all the chemicals removed.
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