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The FV version of our THERA 650, thanks to its double chambers, cuts down the changeover time. Reduced production time & costs, are the results of this extraordinary packaging machine.
This is the very best solution for any company in needing frequent changeover between formats: this will happen within seconds rather than hours!


  • Optional available: CFR 21 an integrated quality and software control technology, to improve the process and the product traceability
  • POSIFORM forming cycle available.
  • Special conveyor chain for the shrinking top films, to facilitate its entrance & perfect sealing into sealing chamber with servo motors for chain & film unwind with tension device and dancer arm, end of web detector.

Thera 650 FV Thermoformer

    • This machine FV version (“Formato Variabile” – which means Adjustable Index) has 2 forming and 2 sealing chambers with different indexes, to allow format changes within seconds. Machine frame in Stainless steel INOX AISI 304, suitable for Clean Room or aggressive environments
    • Modular frame, which can be adjusted and realized according to specific customer requests (integration with additional devices, increase of loading area length) or production needs (“left-right” machine)
    • Standard components (FESTO, BUSCH, SIEMENS) for a better spare parts managing
    • Forming through vacuum process, with (pre)heating plates and plugs (traditional or heated, where needed)
    • Forming moulds studied according to product features and customer request (dedicated shape, logo, ribbed sides, easy opening)
    • Quick and easy die configuration change, where no tool is needed thanks to the assisted system for top chamber opening and the direct access to the moulds
    • Dedicated cutting systems, realized according to the number of packs, their features, material thickness and in order to guarantee a long-lasting efficiency and efficacy of the blades
    • Loading area accessible from both sides and with possibility of open frame to allow the positioning of seated operators
    • Photocell for printed film detection, to obtain a more appealing pack
    • The same machine can be used to form rigid or flexible packs, with or without modified atmosphere or vacuum packs
    • Integration of the machine with automatic loaders (dedicated loading systems, dosing systems, denesters, downstream devices (labeling machines, check-weight, carton machines, aligning systems) and automatic systems for data printing.
    • Easy managing of the line through Touch-Screen control panel and dedicated software for machine parameters modification and checking
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