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Universal Smokehouses JS 1250 RET-C


JET SMOKE is  a smoke circulation system, that reduces smoke emissions to the stationary levels – in fact way below them. The smoke is constantly regenerated via the smoke generator.

The advantage: No fresh air enters the system and there is virtually no exhaust gas. This method ensures a particularly environmentally friendly and economical operation in all process.

In this closed JET SMOKE system the generated smoke is used in the best possible way. It stands for  minimum energy requirements, environmental – friendliness and loss of weight as with conventional procedures.


  • Environment-friendly by “TA-Air”
  • Various smoke systems, sawdust smoke and liquid smoke
  • Panel K-Touch 402 in your national language
  • Supplied with stainless-steel evaporator for cold smoking processes as standard
  • Closed system, therefore low energy consumption and lower loss of weight
  • Integrated foam cleaning system

Technical Specification

JS 1250 RET-C-G JS 1250 RET-C-RR
Dimension W x D x H 127 x 112 x 237 cm 127 x 116 x 237 cm
Electric connection 17,8 kW 22,8 kW
Heating power EL 16,2 kW 16,2 kW
Stock length 80 cm 80 cm

(depending on the product)

60 – 150 kg 60 – 150 kg