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The FV version of our THERA 650, thanks to its double chambers, cuts down the changeover time. Reduced production time & costs, are the results of this extraordinary packaging machine.
This is the very best solution for any company in needing frequent changeover between formats: this will happen within seconds rather than hours!

– Optional available: CFR 21 an integrated quality and software control technology, to improve the process and the product traceability

POSIFORM forming cycle available.

– Special conveyor chain for the shrinking top films, to facilitate its entrance & perfect sealing into sealing chamber with servo motors for chain & film unwind with tension device and dancer arm, end of web detector.



  • This machine FV version (“Formato Variabile” – which means Adjustable Index) has 2 forming and 2 sealing chambers with different indexes, to allow format changes within seconds. Machine frame in Stainless steel INOX AISI 304, suitable for Clean Room or aggressive environments
  • Modular frame, which can be adjusted and realized according to specific customer requests (integration with additional devices, increase of loading area length) or production needs (“left-right” machine)
  • Standard components (FESTO, BUSCH, SIEMENS) for a better spare parts managing
  • Forming through vacuum process, with (pre)heating plates and plugs (traditional or heated, where needed)
  • Forming moulds studied according to product features and customer request (dedicated shape, logo, ribbed sides, easy opening)
  • Quick and easy die configuration change, where no tool is needed thanks to the assisted system for top chamber opening and the direct access to the moulds
  • Dedicated cutting systems, realized according to the number of packs, their features, material thickness and in order to guarantee a long-lasting efficiency and efficacy of the blades
  • Loading area accessible from both sides and with possibility of open frame to allow the positioning of seated operators
  • Photocell for printed film detection, to obtain a more appealing pack
  • The same machine can be used to form rigid or flexible packs, with or without modified atmosphere or vacuum packs
  • Integration of the machine with automatic loaders (dedicated loading systems, dosing systems, denesters, downstream devices (labeling machines, check-weight, carton machines, aligning systems) and automatic systems for data printing.
  • Easy managing of the line through Touch-Screen control panel and dedicated software for machine parameters modification and checking




Exit aligning system
Integral scraps rewinder
Feeding system
Oblique carters
Integrated termoretraction vacuum system
Product detection system
Brushes for flour removal
Cutting punch
Double bottom reel-holder
Doppio portabobina superiore
Dosing systems for liquids
3mm cutting punch
Bottom film splicing table
Sandwich preheating plates
Integral sealing gasket
MPD (multi point discharge)

Automatic cartoning machine “pick&place”
Automatic centralized lubrication system
Loading mask for sealing area protection
Colour Touch-Screen panel
Lamps under loading plan
JUMBO bottom reel-holder
Forming plugs
Closed circuit water chiller
Roller plans for heavy products
Hinged system for chambers easy opening
Pin holes detection system for alumium foil
Automatic discharge of damaged packs
Sollevamento stampi automatico
Automatic moulds depth variation
3mm scissor cutting
Longitudinal motorized system
Separated cabinets for valves


Technical Features

Machine’s length: Customized
Machine’s width: up to 1200 mm
Machine’s height: up to 2000 mm
Loading area: Customized
Bottom film width: up to 660 mm
Top film width: Up to 640 mm
Max advancing index: Up to 1100 mm
Pack max depth: Up to 220 mm