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Thawing & Tempering Solutions - Meat & Poultry

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of industrial defrosting/thawing/tempering solutions for meat & poultry to enable you to achieve a fast and even defrost with minimum drip loss and improved product quality.  For defrosting of meat & poultry we offer two different technologies: 

  • Stalam RF(radio frequency)  defrosting enables meat/poultry to be tempered in-line from -18°C to just under 0°C in minutes.  For example, a 20 kg block of  beef trim takes around 25 minutes to defrost from -18°C to -3/0°C without hot spots.  Moreover, the product can be thawed in a variety of different types of packaging, including carboard boxes,  plastic bags, poly liners and plastic crates.  The capacity of the Stalam RF solutions ranges from 250 kg/hour to 12 tons/hour depending on the size of the machine and the final temperature required.  

  •  Kometos Finncold controlled forced air defrosting  utilizes a  PLC controlled thawing process, where temperature, air flow and humidity are controlled using temperature and humidity sensors.  Meat and poultry can be defrosted on racks or in pallets to a positive temperature (e.g. +2°C) in less than 24 hours with minimal drip loss and an even distribution of temperature throughout the product (core temperature = surface temperature) .  With thawing capacities from 1 to 36 plus pallets these units are ideal for all sizes of food factories and processors.  


Not sure which technology is right for you?  Please contact us and one of our experts will be pleased to help you.   

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