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Suhner Injectors – High End IS Series


The IS-Injector is an automated industrial solution for the expert with high demands in process control, flexibility and hygiene. Ideal for large meat, poultry, fish processors and factories.
Process monitoring and remote operation are available for Smartphones and Tablets.


• One and two way injection single needle controlled
• Automatic product height adaption or programmed individual
• Temperature read out of in and outlet product temperature
• Brine temperature read out
• Automatic test program and error analysis
• Programmable injection depth
• Salt content measurement
• Automatic cleaning system

High-Tech for the Industry

IS-series is built with the conveyor widths 450, 600, 900, 1200 mm, generally for industrial productions. Needle heads ranging in size from 166-1300 needles. Automatic or predefined adjustment of all injec- tion parameters are done by the SPS control unit SIS-3000, allowing readout of detailed process data for maximum control and safety.

The IS-series is also available with warning and remote maintenance systems. A weighing system with automatic adjustment of injection rate, automatic product height adjustment, cooled brine filter tank, completely automatic washing system and lots more. The high Swiss quality standard of the stainless steel frame and components, guaran- tee durability with consistent and accurate performance.


• 100% process control
• Increase quality and profits
• Enhance flavor and tenderness
• Fast preserving of meats
• Save time and money
• Lower production and stock costs
• Easy operation and cleaning
• Low maintenance
• Swiss quality equipment that lasts a lifetime

Constant Results – Swiss Precision

For an even brine distribution without constant pressure, the IS-models have a reliable needle frame with the sealing stripper system. No brine can exit the needles before entering the product. Brine that cannot exit the needles because of non-penetration or an obstruction (bone) is automatically returned into the system or brine tank. Together with the high grade stainless steel rotor pump, constant pressure is assured every second it is needed.

Customised For Your Needs

Depending on the application and the processors specific needs, high quality com- ponents such as needles, stripper plates, pumps, conveyor belts, are custom fitted to guarantee highest satisfaction and quality in the processors final product. Quick change needle heads make fast application changes possible.

Optional Extras

• Rotofilter with Brine Tank
• Quick change needle heads
• Handheld Injection tool
• Brine mixer
• Chicken rails
• Loading unit
• Loading and cleaning tables