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PSS SCG 200 Speed Combi Grinder


– Cutting of frozen meat blocks down to -25 °C
– Outstanding product quality for coarse as well as very fine cutting
– Independent speed regulation of each worm
– Minimizing of temperature increase and achieving of required quality
– Turnable and sliding crane
– Trolley for accessories
– Safety cover of cutting head
– Polished surfaces
– Complication-free and fast sanitation – PSS BES bone elimination system


PSS SCG is designed for food industry operations for fast grinding of any kind of fresh and frozen meat as well as whole frozen meat blocks with temperature down to – 25 °C. PSS SCGs ensure an excellent product quality in range from coarse to very fine cutting.

The frozen meat blocks are loaded into the PSS SCG hopper, where they are cut by the feeding worm; the process creates neither meat dust nor small materials. Pre-grinded material is moved towards the cutting head by the processing worm. A desired structure is achieved according to a choice of final hole plate. Separate drives with frequency converters enable an independent control of each worm.


PSS SCG is controlled from PSS CCP –Central Control Panel– with an option of changing feeding and grinding speed. The coloured touchscreen enables settings of required worm speeds to minimize temperature increase and to achieve required product quality.

Safety and manipulation

PSS SCG is as standard supplied with a turnable crane for easier manipulation, with a trolley for accessories and with a safety cover of the cutting head. PSS SCG has the noise level approximately 80 DB and meet EU as well as US regulations.

Hygiene and sanitation

PSS SCG is manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304 and all external and internal surfaces that come into contact with product are polished. Hygienic design of PSS SCG takes into account the minimizing of bacteria formation. Non-overlapping surfaces and perfect sealing enable complication-free and fast sanitation.


PSS SCG can be additionally supplied with the PSS BES bone elimination system that enables perfect separation of cartilages, sinews, bones, plastics and metals. PSS BES can be adjusted to minimize the amount of excluded lean meat.

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