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PSS NAVA Vacuum Filler

PSS NAVA Vacuum Filler


– Continual process of filling and dosing
– Ideal air removal from product
– Minimal product residue
– Easy and fast cleaning
– High dosing precision
– Polished and rounded surfaces
– Reliable operation and obtaining top-level final product


PSS NAVA Vacuum Stuffing Machine is designed for a perfect stuffing of soft meat products and other food products. It enables a continual filling process and batching of processed material. PSS NAVA can operate fluently or in various pre- set batches. The device ensures a reliable operation and contributes to achieving a premium quality final product. Material, prepared for processing, is fed into the hopper, where it is caught by two feeding worms and gently moved towards the
metering pump.

The device is characterized by high precision dosing and superior performance. The vacuum system, equipped in the PSS NAVA, ensures prevention of possible air bubble creation in the product. It results in improvement of binding itself and achieving of increased quality of final product. The height adjustable feet enable fast and thorough machine anchor and cleaning underneath it. Moreover, the PSS NAVA is characterized by a minimal product residue.


PSS NAVA is controlled easily and practically by the assistance of the control buttons for switching on and off as well as for changing of the required device rotation speed. Moreover, PSS NAVA is equipped with built-in buttons for lifting device. All the control items fall within the operator’s field of vision and are easily accessible.

Safety and manipulation

Simple and effective design of PSS NAVA ensures safe and reliable operation of the equipment. Individual moving parts are equipped with safety elements designed to prevent operator injury and mutual damage of the device parts. PSS NAVA meets all EU as well as US standards for noise level.

Hygiene and sanitation

PSS NAVA is manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304 and ensures compliance with the highest hygienic requirements when working with the device. Perfect sealing with polished and rounded surfaces prevents from bacteria formation and allows easy and fast cleaning.

Technical Data



Metering portion size – big metering wheel

45 – 75 g

– small metering wheel

75 – 125 g


200 – 2 400 kg/h

Capacity at sausage size 125 gr.

800 kg/h

Capacity at sausage size 65 gr.

600 kg/h

Capacity at sausage size 35 gr.

300 kg/h

Bumping tubes diameter

12; 14; 16; 18; 22; 25; 30; 40; 50 mm

Hopper volume

250 l

Main dimensions (LxWxH)

1 070 mm x 550 mm x 1 890 mm


500 kg

Electric motor : input

1,5 – 2,2 kW

900 – 1 400 rpm

Compressor : input

1 400 rpm

8 – 10 m³/h