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PSS K VF High-Speed Vacuum Bowl Cutters


PSS Industrial High-Speed Bowl Cutters are designed for fine cutting, mixing and emulsifying of foodstuffs materials. Ideal for medium to large food factories for the production of sausages as well as ready meals (meat, vegan and vegetable based). PSS High-Speed Cutters enable the preparation of fine-grinded as well as coarse-grinded products and ensure their excellent quality. The easy and fast loading of the machine is ensured by the high-level lifting device.

PSS High-Speed Cutters are supplied with the quality PSS knife system that guarantees a very fast product processing and achieving of the desired quality for a wide range of products. The original knives emplacement is also a guaranty for a minimal mechanical wear and a lower machine noise. The PSS unloading device enables a fast and uncomplicated emptying.


– Fast preparation of fine-grinded and coarse-grinded products
– Excellent final product quality
– Fast and expedient loading and unloading
– Rapid product processing
– Minimal mechanical wear and low noise level
– Moving machine parts are safely covered
– Polished surfaces
– PSS V vacuum system for homogeneous product structure without air bubbles


The PSS High-Speed Cutters are controlled from the PSS CCP Central Control Panel with the coloured touchscreen. The most important machine features are controlled by the control joysticks.

Safety and manipulation

The individual moving machine parts are placed behind covers and supplied with safety features in order to prevent any risk of injury of the personnel and mutual damage of the machine parts.

Hygiene and sanitation

The PSS High-Speed Cutters are manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304 and all external and internal surfaces, which come into contact with a product, are polished. The perfect sealing and the bead-peened surfaces prevent a bacteria formation and enable an uncomplicated sanitation.

Vacuum system

The PSS High-Speed Cutters are supplied with the PSS V vacuum system that ensures the quality increase and the product shelf-life extension. The vacuum leads to the elimination of air bubbles in the product and to the achievement of a homogeneous product structure.


– PSS V vacuum system
– Water dosing

Technical Data


PSS K 330 VF

PSS K 200 VF

Cutting head input

110 kW

90 kW

Control by frequency converter



Bowl input

1,5 kW

1,5 kW

Unloading device input

1,1 kW

1,1 kW

Machine weight

 5 500 kg

 4 800 kg

Main dimensions (LxWxH)

3 050 mm x 2 914 mm x 2 885 mm

2 840 mm x 2 640 mm x 2 600 mm

Cutting speed

130 m/s

120 m/s

Bowl volume

330 l

200 l


200 m³/h

200 m³/h

Voltage network

3/PE/N 50 Hz  230/400 V TN-S

3/PE/N 50 Hz  230/400 V TN-S

Standardized AC voltage

230/400 ±10 %

230/400 ±10 %

Control voltage

230/24 V AC

230/24 V AC