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Our Manufacturers


GMMI is a company created in 1992 that specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial hardware and equipment. GMMI, specialist in custom-made equipment, fulfils specific requests by continuous innovation and has a recognized know-how in the field of special machines and sheet metal work/industrial piping.

Designer, manufacturer as well as fitter, GMMI provides high-quality service at every stage. Notably specialized in the food-processing industry, GMMI applies its know-how to every creation in terms of hygiene, ergonomics and safety.

In these last few years, GMMI has operated in the following fields:

Sonic effect conveying of waste, Gibair process
Improving work stations to eliminate M.S.D. (musculoskeletal disorders)
Designing and manufacturing production lines (pharmaceutical and food-processing industries)
High density plastic rail to optimize overhead transportation in pig slaughterhouses
Designing a polystyrene grinding system for sorting and packaging in GMS and in group to facilitate its recycling
“Patent 2009”: Multi-broiler cooking appliance for catering professionals


MAINALI is a company dedicated to the food machinery, especially for the meat industry, for over 30 years. We specialize in new machinery for the production and processing of meat and food products, cured meat, fresh and frozen cutting, fish, bakery and packaging. Our company has experience in the meat processing machinery market and can offer a professional treatment for all types of machinery, brands and models. Our experience and customers worldwide guarantee.

Vertical Boning Systems

Vertical Boning Systems are semi automated carcass stripping system design and built to order by Global Food Technology.

Our VBS specialist Mr. Kevan Atkinson used to work for Proman Technology in Sweden back in the late 80’s early 90’s. Proman were the original inventors of vertical deboning having installations across the world from America to New Zealand it was here where he gained his knowledge in this area, tie this with Kevan’s meat science background and butchery skills has enabled him to manage the team at GFT to offer and deliver a solution that fits the problem, whether it be a better yield, better output or less people also we have worked in this area over 30 years! (it is our ambition to see a fully automatic beef deboning system in the next 5-10 years) fancy a lights out deboning room using just robots with minimal people?

We have about 70 installations in the UK, France, Belgium and Germany each is bespoke and many have now been updated to our current version.

Kevan Atkinson is available for consultation and design of VBS systems based on your specific requirements.


PERUZA was established at 1991 by experienced engineer Mr. Arnis Petranis. We have more than 25 years of experience in 20 countries around the world and more than 1500 successful projects. PERUZA is the preferred supplier of fish farming systems to the aquaculture industry by meeting each customer’s individual requirements. Our products reduce workforce efficiency loss. It will be fast paybacktime and also easy operable.

EXPERIENCE: more than 25 years

CLIENTS: in 20 countires around the globe

REALISED PROJECTS: more than 1 500 successful projects



STALAM –  is a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of radio frequency (RF) equipment for the defrosting, drying and thermal processing of raw materials, intermediate and finished industrial products.

STALAM presently offers the widest and most advanced range of industrial radio frequency defrosting, drying and thermal processing equipment, which enable their users to obtain the maximum benefits from the RF technology in terms of quality of the finished products, reduced operating costs, high flexibility and reliability. Presently, more than 1,800 STALAM machines are in operation in more than 50 countries, having rated output power values ranging from 3 to 450 kW; from the simple, manually operated machine, to the fully automated line complete with computerised control and supervision systems.


Cretel developes and manufacturers ergonomically design skinning machines for fish, meat and poultry as well as of industrial washing and drying systems for a wide range of products such as boxes, crates, pallets, bins and containers.

Cretel is a family-owned business, founded by Jérome Cretel in 1972. Thanks to its strong and advanced R&D policy, Cretel has become an authority in the field of skinning and derinding machines in just two decades.

Cretel owes its privileged market position to its ability to develop a standard range of products and tailor-made solutions. (more…)


The Suhner was founded in 1939 by Paul Suhner. Initially the company acted with natural casings and items for the butcher needs. Walter Suhner took over the company from his father in 1952, the company expanded further and began the manufacture of machinery for ham production. So the first injector of Europe from the company Suhner was built in 1967. The newly developed curing machine proved a huge sales success and soon inquiries from around the world came.

Suhner AG Bremgarten participated in the development of curing technology with the greatest use, as Meat-curing equipment, modern pickle injectors, Massaging machines, vacuum tumbling, vacuum tumbler, (more…)


Dohmeyer NV is a company specialized in the development, design and construction of cryogenic equipment and other conditioning plant.

Dohmeyer NV was established in Ninove (Belgium) in 2003. Though to be fair, our roots run all the way back to 1955 – to an engineering company in Rijswijk, The Netherlands- owned and operated Mrs Christa Dohmeyer.
Building on that storied history, today, we are now one of the most experienced and respected cryogenic equipment constructors in the Europe. With two locations in Belgium and Italy, we’ve continued to build on our reputation of providing quality engineering services and total cryogenic solutions.


PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s., a manufacturer of food-processing equipment, is an expanding Slovak company that has been successfully operating on the market since 1972.

In 1996, the Company restructured and transformed from a government-owned company to a joint stock company. Its products include meat processing machines, brewery equipment, custom manufacturing as well as pressure and non-pressure vessels.

90 % of production output is exported to countries in West and East Europe, Australia, East Africa as well as Central and North America. In 2004, the Company implemented a quality management system conforming to STN EN ISO 9001:2001. The Company’s existing staff is composed of 220 highly skilled professionals whose strengths rest in their creativity, knowledge, personal capabilities and communication skills.

With a view to improving the qualifications and the individual potential of each of its employees, the Company has established its own training academy. Employing special administration technology, the Company created an organisation that has eliminated obstacles hampering its advance towards increasing productivity and expanding. The results of its continuous market, customer and competition monitoring show that our Company achieves consistent year-to-year growth, including on the global level. Further expansion of our Company is based on our assistance to our customers.



COLIGROUP SPA offers a full range of customized packaging solutions, to meet the most diverse food and medical industry requirements.

The COLIMATIC Brand was born in 1973 thanks to the passion of Mr. Franco Libretti for optimization and industrial innovation; this brought a small company to expand in a few years, to become a true leader in the field.

After nearly half a century of success and continuous developments, we consider ourselves a big family, devoted to those professional values, which allow us to approach our customers as a partner, as well as a supplier.


Listen to our customers, in order to fully understand their needs, being also able to establish a successful communication, is our key to tailor made packaging solutions. Our customers’ success is our mission!


Kometos has more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing programme including anything from single devices up to large production lines. One of their specialisations is, “Finmodules” which are built off site completely finished modular production units. Another is “Finncold” units for thawing, tempering and crust freezing where critical control is paramount for product quality and yield.

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