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Continuous Brining Line

Continuous brining line


Continuous brining line is developed for medium and high productivity process, reduces time needed for brining operation and can be used in line with defrosting line and nobbing line.

Fish infeed can be done manually or with another technological unit. Product is being brined in a special, automatically prepared brining fluid. Constant brining time is assured by water flow and conveyor belt, which is moved at constant speed. (more…)

Automatic brine preparation and packing line


Fish brining line is developed to dose salt solution (Brine) and fish into plastic trays. Equipment enables client to add additional spices and flavors to the fish.

Line can be equipped with automatic brine preparation unit, which measures salt concentration and prepares brine at concentration needed.

Container with fish is inserted into tipper and container is emptied into hopper. Elevator belt is lifting fish from hopper. On the inclination, spice dosing unit covers top layer of fish with spices. (more…)

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