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Mainali- The worlds first Safe Double Cut Bandsaw

The revolutionary Double Cut Band Saw from Mainali radically increases production while providing a safe and consistent solution to the band saw problems.

According to the British Meat Processors Association every week two people have a serious injury while working in our industry with a further 1000 minor injuries reported every year. Bandsaws are a critical component of our industry and their use is often the best solution. However, they present a huge safety risk for producers who are increasingly reliant on lower skilled flexible workers. All too often band saws are the cause of accidents with the list of injuries including serious cuts to fingers and thumbs, often requiring surgery, and in extreme cases part or full amputation. In order to minimise the risk posed to operators, increase production while maintaining high quality consistent cuts, Global Food Technology brings the Mainali Double Cut Bandsaw to the UK.


Automatic Band Saw RB-1 machine and meat
Safe cutting is made possible by a unique fully guarded system which uses special grippers to hold and control the product. The product is then fed automatically into the path of bandsaw blade. Increased production is achieved by having two blades back to back so that table returns to its starting position the second bandsaw blade produces an additional cut, therefore doubling the system’s capacity. Speed and thickness are all controllable via the touch-screen ensuring perfect cuts for your product. Once cut the finished portion is automatically fed to an bi directional outfeed conveyor to discharge of either side of the machine.

“We are proud and pleased to bring this revolutionary system to the UK and look forward to radically reducing the risks associated with band saw usage. The Double Cut has been so well received worldwide we are excited to once again bring innovative new design and technology to our customers.” Kevan Atkinson – Managing Director – Global Food Technology


“In GFT we have found a partner who fully understand what our Safe Double Cut Bandsaw can do for our customers. We look forwards to working with them to make British food processing plants a safer place to be”. Eduard Bosch – General Manager – Mainali


Please get in contact if you would like to learn more about the fantastic and safe Mainali Double Cut bandsaw.

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