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Kebab / Döner

Ingresol produce specials spice mixes according to your demand and your sense of taste.

Try Ingresol – Prize and service will convince you.

Product Group
Emul Top 10/R3 special emulsifier
Soja Isolat 90 herbal protein
Soja Concentrate 70 herbal protein
Emulsio special fat emulsifier
Phosphil CH 1 Phosphate E450/E451
Turkey Flavour Mix 1 flavour nature-identical
Beef Flavour MIX 3 flavour-mix for beef
Beef Flavour NA flavour for beef
Euroaroma Aglio garlic flavour
Eurogel RS 20 water binder
Ingresol Kebap spice spice mix
Flamingo Kebap/Euroaroma WD1 flavour spice mix