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Ingredients & Spices

Raw Spices

From origin directly to you
Following this principle we purchase raw spices at origin and process them in Europe.
Needless to say that we constantly focus on top quality and the freshness of our products.

  • Standard spices, whole (grain) or ground – according to customers requirements
  • Sterilised / steam sterilised
    (special qualities for cheese and baby food upon request) (more…)

Raw materials: Additives

Sourced from origin directly to you our customers

Find below a short abstract of products covering this product group:

  • Fibre products : Wheat fibre / Orange fibre / Citrus fibre/ apple fibre
  • Proteins: of animal or vegetable origin
  • Lactate: liquid or powder form
  • Phospate blends / Citrate blends
  • Carragenan
  • Starter cultures for salami / raw sausages and raw ham
  • Flavours

Cooked Ham Products / Raw Ham Products:

Feel free to test INGRESOL special products for cooked and cured products.

Experience has taught us that a perfect product will show an even better result
when paired with competent specialist counselling.

With Ingresol as your partner you will be able to create great tasty products
and thus achieve high levels of end customer satisfaction. (more…)

Cheese and dairy products

In this sector INGRESOL is able to offer a niche for special applications like:

  • Herbal blends
  • Spice blends
  • Stabilizers
  • Dried vegetables with especially low bacterial counts
  • Dressings and cold soluble stablisers

These products meet the highest requirements of quality and analytical parameters.

Bakery products and bread

  •  Ready-to-use blends for cakes and muffins
  • (choose among ca. 50 different kinds)
  • Dessert blends for cold or warm preparation
    (choose among ca. 40 different kinds)
  • Herbal blends for bread
  • Chunky vegetable bits for bread and rolls
    (Olives / Eggplant / Carrots/ Tomatoes)
  • Raw spices
    (poppy seed, caraway seed) (more…)

Convenience products, Restaurant and Catering products, Fish products

  • Raw spices and blends (both for customized small packing for domestic use and wholesale large packing)
  • Base for sauces, meat stocks (veggie / meat / fish) Choose among 60 different kinds to suite your taste
  • Roux
  • Instant soup powder for cold and hot preparation (choose among ca. 30 diff. Kinds of powder and pastes)
  • Composites for pastries
  • Instant powders for sauces and gravy (more…)


Feel free to choose from Ingresol range covering:

  • Dry marinades
  • Oily marinades
  • Water-based marinades

Ingresol can offer qualities from low cost to premium quality.

Find below a short abstract of products covering this product group: (more…)


From A for Apple to Z for Zucchini:

Ingriesol flavourings are the best quality sourced directly from our manufacturer to you, numerous variants from original french crème brûlée to italian panna cotta and mouo chocholar.

Suitable for hot and cold preparation.

Italian products


Product Application field
Pollo Tacchino Hot Dog spice
Knack Poultry Hot Dog spice
Ingredollo special flavour for ham / sausage
Aroma Marsalla special flavour for ham / sausage (more…)

Kebab / Döner

Ingresol produce specials spice mixes according to your demand and your sense of taste.

Try Ingresol – Prize and service will convince you. (more…)


  • Cajun flavouring for crisps
  • Bora Bora flavouring for crisps
  • Cucumber / dill flavouring for crisps
  • Flavouring tomatoe / mozzarella / basil for crisps
  • Olives / basil flavouring