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GMMI is a company created in 1992 that specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial hardware and equipment. GMMI, specialist in custom-made equipment, fulfils specific requests by continuous innovation and has a recognized know-how in the field of special machines and sheet metal work/industrial piping.

Designer, manufacturer as well as fitter, GMMI provides high-quality service at every stage. Notably specialized in the food-processing industry, GMMI applies its know-how to every creation in terms of hygiene, ergonomics and safety.

In these last few years, GMMI has operated in the following fields:

Sonic effect conveying of waste, Gibair process
Improving work stations to eliminate M.S.D. (musculoskeletal disorders)
Designing and manufacturing production lines (pharmaceutical and food-processing industries)
High density plastic rail to optimize overhead transportation in pig slaughterhouses
Designing a polystyrene grinding system for sorting and packaging in GMS and in group to facilitate its recycling
“Patent 2009”: Multi-broiler cooking appliance for catering professionals