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Controlled Thawing

Thawing Systems

Kometos Oy provides thawing systems for efficient and controlled defrosting of any deep-frozen food products. Thawing equipment is perfectly suited e.g. for defrosting of meat, fish and poultry products.

Integrated thawing rooms installed in customers’ premises, thawing containers as well as thawing equipment have been designed and manufactured to ensure processed progress of functions, which in turn translates into high levels of quality and hygiene of handled food products, as well as minimum product loss in the thawing process. (more…)

Thawing Module MTC-15


FINNCOLD frozen products thawing systems operate along a PLC controlled thawing process, where temperature, air flow and humidity are controlled using temperature (product surface, – internal temperature – and room temperature) as well as humidity sensors. Air flow is controlled by a veriable frequency drive EC-fans.

The thawing system is also supplied with cooling equipment making it possible to use the chamber for storage (max.48 hours) when the product’s target temperature has been achieved. Storage temperature = process target temperature until the system is stopped. (more…)

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