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Suhner Brine Mixer SBM-400

The Suhner Brine mixing system dissolves salt, sugar, oils, gums and spices without any foam for factory / commercial brining applications. All ingredients are easily loaded in the hopper. In a short time the ingredients are efficiently mixed and result in a perfectly homogenous and emulsified brine in the 400 litre tank.


  • Construction completely made of stainless steel
  • 400 liter mixing tank
  • 30 liter hopper for additives
  • Bag holding arrangement by the hopper
  • Start/Stop Switch
  • Efficient centrifugal pump
  • Manual valve for additive intake
  • Manual valve for re-circulation or product transfer
  •  Brine meter level
  • 5 adjustable feet

Technical details

  • Tank capacity:           400L
  • Pump power:             4HP, 25’000L/h
  • Dissolving speed:      1800L/h
  • Dimension:                1300mm x 860mm x 1550mm
  • Weight:                       180 kg


  • Faster dissolving of additives
  • Perfectly homogeneous and emulsified brine
  • Constant temperature and quality of brine
  • No foam and air in brine
  • Automatic process
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Single door panel with mixing timer
  • Cooling jacket with thermostat
  • Hinged cover with spray-ball cleaning system