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Volumetric batching line


Fish volumetric dosing line is designed to obtain permanent dosing in certain volume of small pelagic fish into the trays or boxes before freezing with even level of filling.

Volumetric batching is used when high volume batches at high speed is needed. Up to 11 kg batches.

The fish is unloaded into the hopper tank. The elevator is automatically feeding the supply conveyors of each dosing unit.

Dosing units are continuously ejecting constant batches of fish after the regular period of time. Empty trays are loaded manually on the conveyor.

The operator is receiving tray with the plastic bag inside the tray, take it to the chute of doser and fill with the fish. Filled tray is moved through the flattening device and removed from
the line manually.


Main benefits

  • Increased productivity up to 20 batches/min
  • Only 6 operators can tray fill 12 tonns of product
  • Ergonomic operation

Technical Specification

Performance 10 -20 batches/min
Batch adjustment range 6 – 11 kg
Batching precision +/- 100g (depending from the fish size)
Size of processed fish 6 – 10 cm
Equipment dimension (LxWxH) Double line

Equipment dimension (LxWxH) Double line


7300 x 3000 x 5200 mm


5900 x 2800 x 2600 mm


Number of operators 6
Electrical power 2 kW
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