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The alveolar-chain packaging machine mod.TDF1500 is the best packaging solution for any solid, creamy or liquid product, packed into pre-formed trays or cups. The optional features to make this application unique are our: automatic tray / product /lid feeding, as well as the application of “aroma-saver“ lid applicator to re-close the trays, after the inner film lid removal.

Machine functions

  • An automatic cup/tray de-nester, correctly places them into the machine alveolar cavities
  • The alveolar chain has different cavities, into which the trays/cups are hosted, in multiple rows, depending on their dimensions or configuration required
  • The trays/cups are conveyed to the next step: dosing/filling/loading
  • A dedicated mould system, seals the protective film lid. In this phase, if needed, it is possible to make the MAP process
  • A dedicated system applies the outer lid “aroma-saver“, by collecting it from its stockpile
  • At the exit the packs are aligned into a unique lane.


FORM TDF 1500 MULTICAVITIES + LID APPLICATOR Cheese wedges from sales colimatic on Vimeo.

TDF1500 advantages comparing to other Traysealers

  • Less space needed in production/packaging areas, thanks to its compact frame (approximately 1/3 shorter than traditional lines). Considering that these machines are normally installed in aseptic places and clean rooms: the costs connected to space reduction, have a high incidence on the total production costs
  • Our ALVEOLAR MACHINE TDF1500 is a much cheaper option, if compared to the other applications to make such a kind of packaging
  • User Friendly: All the machine functions are managed by one PLC, one electrical panel and one HMI: simplifying operator’s job
  • From a functional point of view, less controls grant a longer machine life, as well as improvements in safety features and handshakes with external systems
  • This machine concept and features reduce the number of adjustments needed, to allow smooth indexing and positioning
  • Versatility in terms of tray shapes: thanks to its features our ALVEOLAR MACHINE TDF1500 can handle any kind of tray and cup shape: even the ones with curved bottoms
  • Higher production volumes, granted by multi-lane options, as well as by the dedicated cinematic motion, to improve speed and outputs