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The Suhner was founded in 1939 by Paul Suhner. Initially the company acted with natural casings and items for the butcher needs. Walter Suhner took over the company from his father in 1952, the company expanded further and began the manufacture of machinery for ham production. So the first injector of Europe from the company Suhner was built in 1967. The newly developed curing machine proved a huge sales success and soon inquiries from around the world came.

Suhner AG Bremgarten participated in the development of curing technology with the greatest use, as Meat-curing equipment, modern pickle injectors, Massaging machines, vacuum tumbling, vacuum tumbler,  Ham presses were built, which now bear the name Suhner still with pride. Walter Suhner Junior ran from 1982 – 2009 in the third generation, a company tradition that is distinguished over 70 years experience and know-how.

Suhner AG is a traditional family business that has successfully established itself in Switzerland and later worldwide for over 74 years. Today, the company is continued in the fourth generation. Ambitious, inventive and productive – Jason and Nicolas Suhner are the new pioneers at the top. And the success story continues.