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Suhner Vacuum Tumblers VTT Tilting Series


The VTT-Tumbler models are universal mixing machines for salting, marinating, seasoning, mixing and dry salting of any kind of meat, poultry or seafood. The VTT-series are tilting vacuum tumblers, allowing higher loading capacities and faster unloading, built in our high quality – heavy duty standard and are available in sizes from 500 – 12’000 liters.


• Increase quality and profits
• Enhance flavor and tenderness
• Great variety of applications
• Fast preserving of meats
• Faster unloading
• Saves time and money
• Lower production and stock costs
• Easy operation and cleaning
• Low maintenance
• Swiss Quality equipment that lasts a lifetime

Quality for generations

The VTT-Tumbler with its heavy duty construction, consistent performance, is the perfect solution for any processor striving for high quality in his products. Thanks to high quality components like the ball bearing and the integrated vacuum system, and at the same time, it helps keep production and maintenance costs low. With the SPS control unit, SIS-3000, readouts of process data, automatic transfer of data, as well as warning systems by SMS or E-Mail and remote maintenance is possible.


Simple operation – reliable technology

Thanks to the SIS3000 control the operating of the tumbler is very easy and clearly arranged. With its 56 preset programs and further free space for the processors own programs, production can start within seconds. Thanks to the SPS-Based control, the
processor always has a complete overview of his process and complete safety with the integrated SMS and E-Mail warning system.

Constant results – Swiss precision

All Machines are equipped with high performance components and thanks to the standard ball bearing used in Suhner VTT-Models, the end result is consistent performance without slipping and almost no wear.

Customized for your needs

Depending on the specific needs of the processor, high quality components such as loading stations, ball valve covers and more, guarantee highest satisfaction and quality in the processors final product.

Hygiene and maintenance

Removable parts such as the mixing arm, make thorough cleaning possible. The machine can be high pressure washed assuring proper hygiene.


• 360° cleaning system
• Loading station (Vacuum)
• SMS/E-Mail warning system
• Co2 cooling system
• Loading station (Hydraulic)

• Cover with ball valve
• Cooling-/heating jacket
• Cooling aggregate