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Suhner Tender Steak


  • Manuel height adjustment of segment plate
  • Easy to clean
  • Massive construction made of stainless steel
  • Removable conveyor belt without tools
  • 3-way filter system
  • Self suction impeller pump made of stainless steel
  • Low maintenance and easy to service


  • Knife block with 124 double knives (248 blades)
  • High quality segment plate,adjustable to product hight
  • Removable high quality plastic conveyor belt
  • Quickchange knives
  • 2 Conveyor speeds ( 16mm and 32mm )


Every part that comes in contact with meat can be removed and sterilized. The Tender Steak is completely constructed with top quality stainless steel and polyvinyl acetate. That is why we call it the “tough tenderiser”.


Because the TENDER STEAK is made completely out of stainless steel and polyvinyl acetate it won’t rust
and can be sprayed down with the high pressure washer. All the other parts which have contacted the meat are simple to remove and sterilize in the usual fashion.

Time Saving

The tenderizing head is quick and easy to demount without the use of tools. Thanks to the numerous knives the meat is tender in a very short time not requiring any other treatment.


The TENDER STEAK meets all of the newest safety regulations. Safety barriers block the production should any of the safety regulations not be met.


Every single knife has been tailor made and sharpened so that the meats fibers can’t be damaged or show any sign of tenderizing. Because of the way we place each separate knife (diagonally), the meat comes out in the same natural condition it went in with. Just the way your customers like it, tender, juicy and attractive to the eye.

Technical Data

Belt Width 300mm
Max Product Height 160mm
Strokes per Min 20-70 vairiable
Belt Feed Rates 16 + 32mm /stroke
Gear Motor 1.5kW
Capacity 400 Liters
Voltage 400V 50Hz 3Ph/td>
Measurements 1600mmx860mmx1300mm
Weight 139kg