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PSS UM Universal Mixers Range


– Effective mixing of raw and cooked pre-grind meat and mixing of mixtures and salads of various types
– Quality and tender mixing of processed material
– Preparation of mixtures with homogeneous structure and top quality
– Product with desired final structure is obtained thanks to practical and useful function of stirrers
– Uncomplicated unloading of mixed material and reduction of product residue in hopper
– Simple control by buttons placed in field of vision with easy access

– Safety cover prevents a possible injury of operating personnel during work with the machine
– Smooth surface and non-overlapping areas
– Uncomplicated and fast sanitation


PSS UM Universal Mixers are used for effective mixing of raw and cooked pre-ground meat as well as mixing of various mixtures and salad types. PSS UM Mixers ensure a quality and gentle processed material mixing. The result of the operation is a mixture characterised by homogeneous structure and top quality.

PSS UM Mixers are equipped with one level hopper, in which a product is gently mixed by worm or paddle stirrers depending on the processed product type and customer requirements. The product with desired final structure can be achieved by practical and purposeful functions of the stirrers. The characteristic line of the mixers is also uncomplicated discharging of mixed material and reduction of product residue in the mixer.


PSS UM mixers are simply controlled by control buttons for switching ON and OFF, as well as for mixing direction control of individual mixing arms. All control components are placed in field of vision with easy access.

Safety and manipulation

PSS UM mixers have their hoppers shielded by safety cover, which prevents possible injury of operating personnel during work with the machines. All electronic and moving parts are placed inside the mixers and also are safely covered.

Hygiene and sanitation

PSS UM mixers are manufactured form stainless steel AISI 304 and all external and internal surfaces, coming into contact with product, are polished. Uncomplicated and fast sanitation is allowed thanks to smooth surfaces, non-overlapping areas and overall machine designs. PSS UM mixers meet the highest hygiene requirements and respond to all international hygienic and safety regulations.

Technical Specification

PARAMETERS UM 160 UM 250 UM 330 UM 500
Total hopper volume 160 l 250 l 330 l 500 l
Net mixing volume 120 l 200 l 250 l 380 l
Control by frequency inverters yes yes yes yes
Total input 2,3 Kw 3,2 Kw 4,2 kw 5,6 kw
Machine weight 330 kg 370 kg 495 kg 540 kg
Main dimension                                                A 1 205 mm 1 335 mm 1 400 mm 1 550 mm
B 720 mm 720 mm 900 mm 894 mm
C 1 135 mm 1 260 mm 1 350 mm 1 460 mm
D 750 mm 860 mm 860 mm 985 mm
E 575 mm 700 mm 740 mm 708 mm
Paddles speed 37 rpm 37 rpm 42 rpm 42 rpm
Voltage network 3/PE/N 230/400V 50Hz TN-S
Standardized AC voltage 230/400V ± 10%
Control voltage 230/24 V AC


– Pneumatic opening of discharging cover
– Frequency converter
– Polished hopper
– Polished worms/paddles

PSS P lifting device

PSS UM 500 can be additionally supplied by PSS P lifting device, which helps to manipulate with processed material thus significantly, simplifies and accelerates the manufacturing process itself.

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