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PSS SMGA Speed Mixer Grinder Angle Range


– Fast grinding and mixing of pre-cut meat
– Modern combination of Speed Mixers and Speed Grinders
– Gentle and quality mixing in mixing section
– Excellent product quality with coarse as well as very fine grinding in grinding section
– Multifunction devices with compact, space-saving design
– Maximally overlapping paddles in almost square, two-level hopper
– Paddles gently move product to every direction
– Fast emptying and minimizing of product remnant
– Speed regulations, in both mixing and grinding sections, enable excellent structure
– Rotary and movable crane
– Accessory trolley
– Safety cover of grinding head
– Cover of mixing section emptying outlet
– Polished surfaces
– Uncomplicated and fast sanitation
– N2 or CO2 connections placed behind covers
– Cooling system significantly extends the product lifetime and reduces bacteria growth
– PSS BES bone elimination system


PSS SMGA Speed Mixer Grinder Angle are designed for food industry operations for fast mixing and grinding of pre-cut meat. PSS SMGA are a modern combination of Speed Mixers and Speed Grinders. In the mixing sec- tion they ensure a gentle and quality mixing and in grinding section an excellent product quality in range from coarse to very fine grinding. PSS SMGA are multi- function devices with a compact, space-saving design. PSS SMGA achieve the fastest mixing times thanks to the maximally overlapping paddles and almost square, two-level hopper.

The rotating overlapping paddles gently move a product to every direction and give it a desired structure. The two-level hopper and large emptying outlet of mixing section optimize the fast emptying and minimize the product remnant. The grinding worm area is located in the bottom part of the two-level hopper, where the worm efficiently moves the material to the cutting set. The desired structure is achieved according to a choice of cutting set. PSS SMGA are supplied with a frequency converter in both mixing and grinding sections, what enables a speed regula- tion and achieving of excellent product structure.


PSS SMGA are controlled from the PSS CCP, central control panel with a possibility of changing its position. The coloured touchscreen enables settings of required speeds of paddles and worm. With the optional N2 and CO2 system, the process- ing time is adjustable together with impulses and pauses.

Safety and manipulation

PSS SMGA are standardly supplied with a rotary crane for easy manipulation, an accessory trolley, a safety grinding head cov- er and a cover of mixing section emptying outlet. With the op- tional cooling system, the N2 and CO2 connections are placed behind covers what ensures the operating personnel safety. PSS SMGA achieve the noise level approximately 80 DB and meet the EU as well as US standards.

Hygiene and sanitation

PSS SMGA are manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304 and all external and internal surfaces, coming into contact with product, are polished. The hygienic design of PSS SMGA takes into account the bacteria growth minimizing. Non-overlapping surfaces and perfect sealing enable uncomplicated and fast sanitation. PSS SMGA have the sealing placed minimum 150 mm away from the hopper and enable easy dismantling and cleaning.

PSS cooling system of N2 or CO2

PSS SMGA can be additionally supplied with a cooling system of top N2 injection and a cooling system of top or bottom CO2 injection. The cooling system significantly extends the product lifetime and reduces the bacteria growth. A required crystal- lization is reached and a product keeps the right shape also during further processing.


PSS SMGA can be additionally supplied with PSS BES bone elimination system that enables a perfect separation of carti- lages, sinews, bones, plastics and metals. PSS BES minimizes an amount of excluded lean meat.

 Technical Specifications

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