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PSS SG Speed Grinder Range


PSS SG Speed Grinder is a versatile and universal device designed for fast cutting of any kind of fresh meat and other food products. PSS SG allows a coarse as well as very fine cutting and provides superior quality end product. The device is a guarantee for an effective and practical application and ensures a high performance and a reliable operation.

Fresh meat, prepared for processing, is fed into the PSS SG hopper, where it is collected by the feed-cutting worm and subsequently moved towards the cutting set. The end product of desired structure is acquired according to a chosen cutting set. The quality PSS cutting system ensures a smooth cutting, a minimal worn away and an obtaining of premium quality product.


– Fast cutting of any kind of fresh meat and other food products
– Effective and practical application
– Superior quality end product
– High performance of the device and a reliable operation
– Quality PSS cutting system ensures a smooth cutting and obtaining of premium quality product
– Easy control
– Cutting head safety cover
– Accessories trolley
– Rotary crane for easy manipulation
– Individual electronic and moving parts are securely covered
– Polished surfaces
– Uncomplicated and fast sanitation
– PSS BES bone elimination system


PSS SG is easily controlled by PSS CCP, the central control panel, whose position can be changed and adjusted to actual needs. The coloured touch screen is characterized by clarity and allows settings of required device functions in order to obtain the premium quality end product.

Safety and manipulation

PSS SG is standardly equipped with the cutting head safety cover, the accessories trolley, the maintenance safety switch and the rotary crane enabling easy manipulation. Individual electronic and moving parts are placed inside the machine and are securely covered. PSS SG does not exceed the normal allowable limit of noise level, thus fulfilling the EU and U.S. standards.

Hygiene and sanitation

PSS SG is manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304 and all external and internal surfaces, which come into contact with product, are polished. An important feature of the device is its hygienic design allowing uncomplicated replacement and a perfect cleaning of individual machine parts. The non-overlapping surfaces and the perfect sealing allow uncomplicated and fast sanitation.


PSS SG can be additionally equipped with a PSS BES bone elimination system. The system allows a perfect separation of cartilages, sinews and other hard particles from the meat itself and thus ensures a minimal loss of residual meat.


– PSS BES bone elimination system – Feeding device
– Mirror-polished worm
– Mirror-polished hopper
– Inspection step- Inspection platform
– Inspection platform with safety railing
– Hopper walls extensions
– Internet remote access 


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