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PSS RM 3000 Meat Grinder


– Fast fresh meat cutting
– Perfect product quality for coarse as well as for very fine cutting
– Two worm feeding
– Temperature increase minimising and achieving of required quality
– Cutting head safety cover
– Polished surfaces
– Uncomplicated and fast sanitation

– Bone separation device
– PSS P lifting device


PSS RM 3000 Meat Grinder is a device designed for medium and large-sized food industry operations and it is used for fast and perfect grinding of all fresh meat types. PSS RM 3000 ensures a smooth operation and contributes to effective production and obtaining of superior quality final product.

Meat, prepared for processing, is fed into the PSS RM hopper, where it is moved by the feeding worms. The worms move the processed material towards the cutting worm and subsequently to the grinding set itself. Final product of desired structure is achieved according to a chosen type of grinding set.


PSS RM are controlled from the panel placed on the grinder side. The feeding worms, the processing worm and the optional PSS P lifting device are controlled from the control panel. Two optional worm speeds enable the required product quality achieving.

Safety and manipulation

PSS RM are standardly supplied with the cutting head safety cover and the inspection step for a visual checking. The cutting head is mounted to the grinder by the clamp that enables the cutting head’s fast mounting and dismounting. PSS RM achieve the noise level lower than 80 DB and meet the EU as well as the US regulations.

Hygiene and sanitation

PSS RM are manufactured from the stainless steel AISI 304 and all external and internal surfaces, which come into contact with a product, are polished. The PSS RM hygienic design takes into account the bacteria growth minimizing. The non-overlapping surfaces and the perfect sealing enable uncomplicated and fast sanitation.

Bone separation device

PSS RM can be optionally supplied with the PSS bone separation device that enables a perfect separation of cartilages and sinews from the processed meat.


PSS RM can be optionally supplied with the PSS P lifting device, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the production process.


– Sinew separation device
– feeding/mixing paddles
– mirror-polished worm
– mirror-polished hopper
– PSS P lifting device
– Hopper wall extensions
– Hopper wall shortening

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