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PSS RM 114 P Meat Grinder


– Fast and perfect cutting of all fresh meat types
– High performance and reliability
– Excellent final product quality
– All control elements in the view with easy access
– Electronic and moving parts are covered
– Polished surfaces
– Hygienic design provides minimal bacteria growth
– Uncomplicated and time saving sanitation
– PSS Bone separation system


PSS RM 114 P Meat Grinder is intended for small and medium-sized food industry operations and is designed for fast and perfect cutting of all fresh meat types. PSS RM 114 P provides high performance and reliability while ensuring the excellent quality of the final product.
The meat, prepared for processing, is loaded into the PSS RM hopper, where it is taken by the worm and moved towards the cutting set. The final product of desired structure, characterized by the excellent quality, is obtained depending on chosen cutting set.


PSS RM 114 P is easily controlled by controlled buttons for switching the machine on and off. The individual control elements are located on the cabinet in the view with easy access.

Safety and manipulation

The individual electronic and moving machine parts are covered and supplied with safety elements to prevent an injury of operators and mutual damage of the machine parts. PSS RM 114 P does not exceed the normal allowable limit of noise level (or volume) to meet EU and U.S. standards.

Hygiene and sanitation

PSS RM 114 P is manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304 and all external and internal surfaces, which come into contact with product, are polished. Hygienic design is very beneficial in terms of minimizing the bacteria growth. PSS RM 114 P is characterized by perfect sealing and rounded shapes that provide uncomplicated and time saving sanitation.

Bone elimination system

PSS RM 114 P can be additionally supplied with PSS Bone elimination system that enables perfect separation of cartilages and tendons from the processed meat.


– Bone separation system
– Feeding wing
– Finger (pressing arm)
– Mirror-effect polished worm
– Mirror-effect polished hopper

Technical Data


PSS RM 114 P

Worm input

5,5 kW

Machine weight

360 kg

Main dimensions (LxWxH)

1218 mm x 725 mm x 1085 mm

Capacity* Fine cutting

650 kg/h

Coarse cutting

1 000 kg/h

Cutting set diameter

114 mm

Hopper volume

100 l

Voltage network

3/PE/N  50Hz  230/400V TN -C – S

Standardized AC voltage

230/400 V ± 10%

Control voltage

230/24 V AC

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