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PSS M Microcutter (Emulsifier) Range


PSS Microcutters (Emulsifiers) are used for the finest cutting and subsequent emulsifying of processed material in food processing factories. The PSS Microcutter is designed so that the it can be used not only for meat cutting but also for the preparation of pâtés, pet food, spreads and sauces of any kind or for fruit and vegetable processing. PSS Microcutters ensure a continual process of fine cutting and emulsifying and significantly contribute to the preparation of a structurally homogeneous mixture of excellent quality. With capacities ranging from 1200kg/hr to 6000kg/hour PSS Microcutters can be used in the most demanding applications.

The biggest advantage of the PSS Microcutters is the low-placed hopper that enables uncomplicated feeding of the device. Two levels of cutting and a high cutting speed ensure fast processing and excellent quality. The outlet pipe, which can be rotated and positioned, ensures smooth and rapid emptying. The PSS Microcutters also includes a digital temperature sensor to display the temperature of the processed material.


– The finest cutting and subsequent emulsifying of processed material
– Continual process of fine cutting and emulsifying
– Preparation of structurally homogeneous mixture with excellent quality
– Low-placed hopper enables uncomplicated feeding of the machine
– Two levels of cutting and high cutting speed ensure very fast processing and required product quality achieving
– Smooth and rapid emptying
– Illustrative temperature recording of material by digital temperature sensor
– Simple and practical control by control buttons
– Electronic and moving parts are secured by safety covers – Polished surfaces
– Simple and perfect cleaning

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The PSS Microcutters are controlled simply and practically by control buttons for switching the device On and Off, which are placed on the control panel in the operating personnel view with easy access.

Safety and manipulation

Simple and purposeful design of the PSS Microcutters ensures safe and reliable operation. The individual electronic and moving parts are secured by safety covers and supplied with safety features, which lead to prevention of possible danger connected to personnel injuries as well as any mutual damage of individual machine parts.

Hygiene and sanitation

The PSS Microcutters are manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304 and all external and internal surfaces, which come into contact with product, are polished. The superior hygienic design, characterized by polished and rounded areas but also by perfect sealing, enables uncomplicated and perfect cleaning.