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PSS LD 350 Lifting Device


– Lifting and tipping of manipulation trolleys
– Easy and practical control by control buttons
– 3 safety sensors
– Moving parts of the device are safely shielded
– Superior hygienic design characterized by closed column construction and polished surfaces


PSS LD Lifting devices are designed for the food industry operations for lifting and tipping of manipulation trolleys. These devices significantly facilitate the handling of processed materials, which are conveyed to individual machines and devices by them for further processing.

The trolley filled with a material is pushed into the tipping fork that fast and easily conveys the material into a machine, where it is further processed. PSS LD can be obtained in left of right design according to customer requirements and needs.


PSS LD lifting devices are controlled easily and practically by the assistance of the control buttons for switching on and off as well as for changing of direction movement (up and down).

Safety and manipulation

PSS LD lifting devices are supplied with three safety sensors that are placed in the upper and bottom parts of the device and also at the trolley tipping height. The sensors are the security guarantee system during the work with the lifting device as they respond to movement. The individual moving parts are shielded and supplied with the safety components in order to prevent personnel injury and mutual damage of individual device parts.

Hygiene and sanitation

PSS LD lifting devices are manufactured from the stainless steel AISI 304. The outlined feature of the PSS LD is the superior hygienic design characterized by closed column construction and polished surfaces.


– Mobile frame with 2 fixed and 2 rotary wheels
– Safety cage – height 2 000 mm
– Holder with a tray for frozen meat blocks
– Fixed tray for frozen meat blocks (instead of the fork)
– Fork for 120 l trolleys
– Chute for the tipping fork
– Timer for automatic return
– Timer for automatic return including the stoppage 500 mm above the floor
– Automatic STOP before emptying

Technical Data


PSS LD 350


0,75 kW

Weight of the device (F 2225 mm)

350 kg

Transport dimensions (LxWxH)

950 mm x 800 mm x 700 mm


350 kg

Tipping angle


Lifting speed

3,5 m/min

Voltage network

3/PE/N  50Hz  230/400V TN-C-S

Standardized AC voltage

230/400 V ± 10%

Control voltage

230/24 V AC

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